This is meBorn in Iran, and raised in Bergen, Norway. Mohsen Matory has set his goals and determination in short Films and Television in the last 6 years.  And he have worked both as an assistant and director on different projects in the last couple of years, sins he examineded from Westerdals School Of Communication, Oslo. in 2006.


Now in 2012, Matory has decided to shape  and form his passion for film in a different way. Matory have now gathered together all the experience within the creative part of storytelling. He have also learned both from experience  on the filmset, and developed Matoryfilm so he can share the Matory director signature.


Mohsen Matorys biggest goal in life is to create movies that bring people closer together. This is something you'll surely recognize in his last films.



MOHSEN MATORY with clients

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